This is New Zealand redux

A new one-screen version of This is New Zealand was shown at the 2007 NZ International Film Festivals.In 2006 Park Road Post Production, the Miramar-based post production house descended from the original NFU (read more about it here), was able to create, using its new digital intermediate process, a high-quality standard cinema wide-screen anamorphic 35mm print of This is New Zealand. This kept the three-screen format of the original but could be screened in any contemporary large-screen cinema. This version was screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2007, and also at the New York Festivals, where it won a bronze award in the multi-screen category, although competing with the latest film styles and technologies.


In 2009 Hugh began working with Archives New Zealand (which owns This is New Zealand, along with the rest of the NFU collection of films) to produce a DVD containing a re-authored version of This is New Zealand, and a 60 minute documentary on the making of the film and its restoration nearly four decades later.

This cartoon by Chris Knox originally appeared in On Film in 2007, following the screening of the remastered version at the New Zealand Film Festival. It reflected the view of many people at the time.

The final DVD, containing This is New Zealand, This is Expo and the documentary That Was New Zealand was released in January 2014. Buy it here.


When This is New Zealand opened in Japan at the beginning of 1970 no one could have known that this would be a watershed moment in New Zealand film-making history. By the time the film ended its New Zealand run at the beginning of 1972, however, some people had realised that for the first time ever New Zealand had produced a film that was not only as good as, but even better than, state-of-the-art films produced by countries with much longer and stronger film-making traditions, and much more plentiful resources.


Jillian Innes commented on the NZ on Screen This is New Zealand page in February 2012: “Still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Still current. ... probably the first time we went out and said to the world "cop this" here we are!”


After This is New Zealand no one could doubt that New Zealanders could take on the world of film – and win. The legacy of This is New Zealand lives on.